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                             Declaring God's Plan of Redemption to a Lost and Hurting World

Home Siteinfo Does God Love Me? What's Important? Eternity: It's Your Decision What Is Salvation? Is The Bible Inerrant? Jesus: Who Is He? Who's The Real God? After Salvation? God's Gift PTW Blog ACTS Devotional Prayer Requests Gallery Links If you've made a decision for Christ, you've just made the most important decision of your life. You've begun a new life because the Bible tells us that when we are saved, "the old life has passed away and new life has begun"; you are a new person!

The "new you" doesn't just end with your decision to make Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of your life. He wants you to get to know Him more and to develop into spiritual maturity. Although none of us can attain a perfect life as Jesus Christ did, He desires for us to grow and become more like Him. To grow in Christ, we need to have a daily relationship with Him through prayer and Bible study.

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After you've been saved, you should also:

  • Be obedient to Christ through believer's baptism. Baptism is the believer's outward demonstration of his/her decision for Christ. Baptism is part of our salvation experience, and it is God's will that believers be baptized. Even Our Lord was baptized in order to show us the importance of baptism.

  • Discuss with another Christian about your decision to accept Christ.

  • Unite with a church. God wants Christians to be with their fellow believers. If you don't have a church you have attended in the past, click HERE.

If you've made a decision for Christ, please let us know so we can rejoice in your decision. Please e-mail us and drop us a line. We would enjoy hearing from you!